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Long Range Systems Guest Paging Kits

Recommended Models

Guest Paging Kit, Includes 10 Coaster Pagers (Smoke Grey), 15 Coaster Capacity Charger, Transmitter (Parts Coaster RX-CS4NP, Charger CH-R8-15, Transmitter TX-9560MT) (Non-Returnable Kit)
  • # of units: Transmitter: 1
  • # of units: Pagers: 10
  • # of units: Charger Base: Charges up to 15 Coasters
  • color: Transmitter: Black
  • color: Coaster Pagers: Smoke Grey
  • paging capabilities : Pager Only

Previously Available Models

Guest Cell and Coaster Paging Kit, Includes 5 Coaster Pagers (Smoke Grey), 15 Coaster Capacity Charger, Freedom Transmitter (Coaster RX-CS4NP, Charger CH-R8-15, Transmitter TX-7460) ---Requires Monthly Text Message Service Contract--- (Non-Returnable Kit)
This model has reached end of life.
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Let LRS Guest Pager Systems streamline your restaurant's seating and hosting duties. These kits come with a charging station, coaster-style guest pagers, and a transmitter, eliminating the worry of purchasing the right hardware. Once installed, customers waiting for a table receive a pager and are discretely alerted when their table is ready. The systems also help minimize the time between seated diners, increasing your overall return on investment.

Pagers are a great customer service tool to utilize in your busy restaurant. They eliminate congestion in your waiting area and provide a sense of security for your hungry patrons who worry about another party taking their place in line.

The Guest Pager Kit Includes:
• 10 Coaster-Style Pagers, Smoke Grey
• 1 Coaster-Style Pager Charger, 15 Pager Capacity
• 1 TX-9560MT Guest Pager Transmitter
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Product Specifications
Color Options Grey
Range Up to 1/4 mile
Battery Single charge lasts up to 1 week - rechargeable
Programmability Wireless programmability allows facilities to renumber pagers on site
Warranty 90 Days

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